Teacher Professional Development

Marina Jung, who holds a Level 4 Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certificate, will be conducting Melbourne Teacher Professional Development sessions for Iyengar Yoga teachers over zoom from Perth with attendees in one location at Yoga Bhuja.

Sessions will be 12 noon to 4 pm on Sundays. The following dates are planned for 2024:

  • June 23
  • July 28
  • August 25
  • October 6
  • November 24

“I would like some input from those who commit to participate in regards to what they expect, like to work on. Working towards higher levels is not just about practicing new poses or acquiring the skills to teach them. It also means becoming proactive as teachers in making informed decisions, taking on mentees, learning from their own experiences, asking questions, and getting involved in the process of assessing others.”

– Marina

Marina encourages you to commit to purchase a 3 session pass ($350) in advance. (Individual session bookings are available at the higher cost of $135 per session).

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