Classes are taught as weekly courses (Beginners & Level 1) and on a casual attendance basis for all levels.

Beginners: This is a base level introducing you to Iyengar Yoga. Foundational poses are taught leading up to the introduction of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana). For new beginners, those with several months experience or those new to Iyengar Yoga.

Level 1: For those with at least three to six months experience who have attended one or more terms of beginners classes. A wider range of poses are taught, practice of shoulderstand and other inverted poses are developed (along with alternatives and variations as required).

Level 1 & 2: For Level 1 students along with developing the practice of headstand (Sirsasana), inversions and working with more challenging poses according to your capacity and experience.

General: For those at all levels (including beginners).

Restorative: A slower class where the sequence of postures are chosen to relieve fatigue, quieten the mind and soothe the nerves. This is also preparation for pranayama. Suitable for those with prior experience of Iyengar Yoga, or those regularly attending a Yoga Bhuja class.

Courses (ten weeks) are a great foundation for Yoga. They are highly recommended for those have who have not done a lot of Yoga, have done
little Iyengar Yoga or are returning. They build understanding in a systematic manner working from the base up to develop stability and understanding of foundation poses.

It is recommended to attend the same class each week to get the most out of our teaching.

There is no course enrolment as such.    Just book into Beginners or level 1 classes which run as a course during each ten week term.   Course Payment Options