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Membership Subscription Plans – Terms and Conditions

  • Subscription rates are
    • $17 per week for attendance at one class per week ($13 student rate) [An additional class can be attended in any week by paying the difference between the rates ($13 or $11 student rate)].  COVID Special this rate will cover unlimited classes per week until at least July 3 2022.
    • $30 per week for attendance at unlimited classes per week ($24 student rate)
  • Minimum subscription period is twelve weeks.  A subscriber may change between the subscription rates (advise the studio by website contact form or email).
  • Payment Options:
    • website set-up using Paypal (can link credit card)
    • direct bank transfer (contact the studio by website contact form or email)
  • Weekly payment may be suspended twice per year for 2 to 5 weeks. Please advise the studio if and when to suspend.  Subscription fees will be suspended for weeks where the studio is closed.
  • No joining fee for first time registration. If the subscription is stopped (other than the suspensions described above) a $50 rejoining fee will be charged.
  • Subscription allows a 5% discount on books and props and discounts as advertised on workshops and special events.
  • There will be no increase in subscription rates for ongoing subscribers prior to 1 October 2020 at the earliest.
  • Yoga Bhuja reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time.