Classes from Yoga Bhuja are now available online.  Yoga practice is valuable in bolstering our immune systems and to reduce stress and anxiety in these times.

In the current crisis we understand many people will be doing it hard. Please contact us so that we can negotiate appropriate price adjustments

Classes will be streamed using the Zoom platform. Follow the link in your email confirmation to attend the class. First timers please see that you can get to Zoom beforehand by following the link. You can install the app on you phone, tablet or computer. See further information from Zoom on joining sessions.   Make sure your device is sufficiently charged to get you through the class.

Try to have something to sit on for support eg blankets, blocks or bolsters. Alternatives are towels, cushions or books. A strap of some sort (a long tie might also work) a chair or stool for shoulderstand if you are doing it and need support for your legs, etc.
Contact us if you want to buy/borrow limited props (arranging a pickup time) or online from IyogaProps.

Check out this video from another studio:

Try to set yourself up in an uncluttered area where you have room, in advance of the class time. Classes will start at the advertised time.Focus your device camera so that the teacher can see you – preferably most of your body sitting or standing (we encourage you to turn your video on so that the teacher can give you feedback during the class). Try to be where others in your household are not going to disturb you.

If you need to advise your teacher of special issues or conditions or for example pregnancy or needing alternatives when menstruating or injured, please advise us in advance or by using the chat facility in zoom (you can select Yoga Bhuja to chat to the teacher and everyone else won’t see it).  Complete / Revise your Medical Declaration

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