Tips for using our class booking system.

1. Create an account.

After booking for a class you have the option of creating a scheduling account.  Click “Register for an Account”.  If you create and login to the account you will then see a list of your bookings and pass code(s)  at the top of the screen.

2. Cancel a class booking.

If you are logged in to your scheduling account you can click on a booking (listed at the top) and cancel from there.
You can also cancel by clicking the “Cancel” button in your class confirmation email.

3.  Book a class from a course / pass / subscription package.

This can be made from the “schedule” link when you purchase your pass or in the email confirmation.  Otherwise from our Timetable page or from the Scheduling App (see below).
a) If you have an account, then login if the link appears (top right);
b) Select a class to book;
c) Enter your details if they are not already displayed and click to agree to the disclaimer.

If you see a “Complete Appointment” button then click it.
a) click on “Redeem Coupon or Package”.  Apply the code which appears or if no code appears enter your email address.
b) click “Complete Appointment” button.

4.  Use the Scheduling App

You can find the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store .
Search for “Acuity Scheduling Client”, or click one of the links above.

Click Businesses + to add and then enter the BUSINESS SCHEDULING URL:

Login in to your account or create an account by tapping on the icon an the bottom right of your screen